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God's Little Blessings

Early Learning Center


God’s Little Blessings is founded on Christian values and beliefs. We believe our success only comes through seeking daily spiritual growth and guidance from God. Without this we will never fully see the many wonderful blessings we believe God planned for the future of our Center’s future.


Pre-School rooms are for children 2 to 5 years old. Children in these classes will enjoy every moment they spend at the Center. The teachers in these classrooms plan daily activities that allow children to explore and participate in many helpful growth and development experiences.


We encourage discovery, creativity, and development in a safe, respectful, relationship-based environment. We put this into action through our curriculum and daily programming designed to help all children learn and grow under biblical truths. While your child is here, we will be helping him/her:

  1. Learn basic Christian beliefs and values that will help guide them in everyday life.
  2. Actively engage in and enjoy the learning process.
  3. Learn to question, to think, to problem solve, and to discover.
  4. Be creative and flexible.
  5. Discover their unique talents and wonderful possibilities.
  6. Learn to function comfortably as a member of a group.
  7. Become confident, strong, and competent.
  8. Learn to resolve conflicts in peaceful, respectful ways.
  9. Appreciate and respect individual differences among people and families.


Ages: Children from 6 weeks to Kindergarten

Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Director: Matia Miles
Email: GLBDirector@cbcconnersville.org
Phone: (765) 827-4798